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ONU Legal Clinic

The ONU Legal Clinic provides students with Legal Intern Certificates with the opportunity to represent clients in real-life legal matters.  Based in Lima, Ohio, the Clinic houses two separate legal clinics—the Civil Litigation Clinic and the Corporate Transactional Clinic.  Students get hands-on experience doing things that real lawyers do, such as assuming responsibility for clients, confronting complex legal matters, as well as interviewing clients, appearing in court, and drafting legal documents.  The clinics provide free legal services to individuals and organizations that would otherwise not be able to afford legal representation, helping students understand that everyone deserves a voice and vigorous representation and demonstrating to students why it’s important that they continue to serve the under-served later in their professional careers.  Students in these clinics are closely supervised by Lauren Bartlett, Director of Law Clinics, and the Clinic Staff Attorney.  In addition to time spent working for clients, the ONU Legal Clinic students also meet together on a weekly basis to discuss current cases, ethical issues, and more, allowing students to learn from each other and to support each other through difficult decisions.

Civil Litigation Clinic

The Civil Litigation Clinic provides students with the opportunity to represent client in real-life civil litigation matters such as family law, housing, expungements, probate, and other general civil litigation matters, under the supervision of licensed attorneys.  Students in the Civil Litigation Clinic are in court on a regular basis and have almost daily client contact. 

Corporate Transactional Clinic

The Corporate Transactional Clinic provides students with the opportunity to represent nonprofit organizations and local churches in corporate matters including incorporating, obtaining tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service, real property issues, and more.  The Corporate Transactional Clinic provides students with unique insight into the world of transactional legal work, as well as experience representing corporations and other organizations, as opposed to the individuals served at other clinics.