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Zachary Brumfield, 3-L | Springfield, OH


My name is Zach Brumfield and I am a 3L law student who will graduate from Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law with the class of 2013.  Born and raised in Springfield, Ohio, I attended a small liberal arts college in my hometown called Wittenberg University. While at Wittenberg, I majored in Business and minored in Economics.  After graduation from under-grad, my wife and I were married.  Sports, fitness, and music are some of things I enjoy outside the law school classroom.

Blog Post 1: Why ONU Law? 

I decided to attend to Ohio Northern University because of the one-one interaction that was available with the law professors.  Each faculty member makes it a priority to meet with students outside of the classroom. When I visited ONU, it was clear that the entire school- administrators, professors and staff- were invested in the students who attended the law school.
When I visited the law school for the first time, I had lunch with a 3L law student named Aaron Baker.  The great thing about our lunch was how open he was about providing any kind of assistance that I needed.  He gave me his contact information, and encouraged me to send any questions to him about the first year of law school.  When our lunch was over, I knew that I wanted to be a part of a school where the students lifted each other up so that the learning environment friendly.Tackling the LSAT is the first step to your law school journey. The only way to prepare for such a test is to practice taking the test in timed sessions, and to do so multiple times. Once you know your weaknesses, study those areas.  Do not be discouraged in practice.  Keep plugging away and trying new strategies. Eventually, you will improve.
I heard about ONU from a local judge who attended ONU law. The judge was very enthusiastic about the kind of education he received.  He had a sense of pride of being an alumnus from a great school. Once I checked ONU law out, I was glad I did! The Admission process can be very stressful especially if you have more than one choice.  I would recommend sitting down and making a deliberative decision on where you would like to attend law school.  The next three years of your life will depend on where you select to go. Thus, try to picture yourself academically and socially at each of your schools, and select the one that is the right fit.  For me, that was ONU.
For first year law students, my advice would be to have an open mind.  Law school is a place where many students with different backgrounds come to discuss many difficult and important subjects.  So, engage with other students and learn from them as much as you can.  And of course, study!  The time and effort you put in the first year of law school will set a good foundation for the rest of your professional life.  Take advantage of this great opportunity.

Blog Post 2: An Environment Designed for Success

As I get ready to take the Bar exam, it is apparent that the ONU curriculum has prepared me in every way.  It provides a peace of mind knowing that all the topics that are tested on the Bar exam are available as classes at ONU Law.
One of my favorite classes here at ONU Law was International Law taught by Professor Lewis.  I have no interest in practicing in this area of law, but I was genuinely interested in the topic.  I learned so much from Prof. Lewis in that class, and it broadened my perspective of how International law actually works.
Every teacher that I have had at ONU Law has been nothing but supportive and helpful. The professors here encourage meeting with them to talk about class material. But more than that, the professors will take time and answer questions that relate to your personal and professional growth.  They truly are mentors. 
It is absolutely easy to find academic support! Prof. Sabol is the head of academic support and I can think of no better person to have this job.  She will make sure you will succeed in your classes if you give the time and effort that is required.  Prof. Sabol will place you with peer tutors, and will provide you with the proper material to help learn the topic that is giving you trouble.
Well, law school in general is not easy.  I do not have a specific example of a difficult situation I experience, but in general, whenever I had any kind of problem, personal or academic, the staff, faculty and my friends were there to offer a helping hand.  I truly believe that this is the kind of environment ONU Law provides to all the students who attend the College of Law.
The students at ONU Law are not extremely competitive.  The students here understand that each and every student is in the same position, and the best way to maximize performance in law school is to help each other out.  I have made great friends here at ONU Law, and we support each other as much as we can.
I believe that your peers are the best source of help and guidance through law school.  In my experience, the students here at ONU Law truly care about each other’s success. It makes it a great place to learn and grow into a lawyer.


Blog Post 3: Engagement Outside of the Classroom

ONU law offers a wide variety of student organizations that are beneficial for students. These student activities range from the Student Bar Association to the Veterans Association to the Moot Court Team.  The organizations provide a great way for the students to become involved in the College of Law, and become familiar with your fellow students.  The student organizations are a great way to use your time when not studying.  But they also provide an education within themselves by challenging you to participate in activities that make the law school a better place.
One of the main objectives of law school is to learn how to manage your time.  Balancing academics and student organizations is another way to build time management skills. I think it is imperative to become involved in some student organization because they are great study breaks, and they provide you with an opportunity to really get to know your classmates in a different setting.  Student organizations are an opportunity to be involved in something that interests you, and it is a great way to learn from the other students at the law school.
Students absolutely spend time together outside to the classroom.  Law school does take a lot of time and effort, but there are opportunities to hang with friends and have fun.  At ONU Law, the smaller class sizes allow you to really get to know your fellow classmates, and these people will be your friends for years to come.  The memories that are made outside of the classroom with your friends at ONU Law will surely stick with you for the rest of your life.

Blog Post 4: Life in Ada, OH

I am from Springfield, OH, and I attended Wittenberg University where I played Division III football.  Before attending law school, I took a gap year and worked at my alma mater.  My wife and I were married the year before I started law school.  She was very supportive, and we were excited for the opportunity of law school.
My wife and I do not live in Ada.  I commute into campus.  I do know, however, that students will go to movies, hang with friends, and relax from the stressors of school by cooking meals for their classmates.  For me, one of the best ways to have a good time out of the classroom was to eat a good meal with friends or family.
I live off-campus, and I do not live in Ada.  I always enjoyed the commute into school because it gave me time to prep for the day or schedule for the week. Life in Ada is easy to adjust to because the pace of law school is fast and busy. However, there are times where you need to take a mental break, and Ada is a great place for a nice walk, a quick workout, etc. The feverish pace of school is balanced with the nice slow pace of Ada.  

Zach completed his JD from ONU Law in December 2012