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CLE: Complex Litigation in the Age of Globalization....

Event Date and Time: 
Saturday, February 25, 2017 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Complex Litigation in the Age of Globalization, the Worldwide Web, Overnight Deliveries and Relaxed Legal and Moral Absolutes

Presented by:  Jerome L. Skinner, Senior Counsel for LHD Lawyers in Sydney Au., and Cincinnati Ohio

February 25, 2017    Registration 8:30          CLE 9:00 am to 5:00 pm    Large Moot Court     CLE will be for 6 General Hours

Factors to be discussed will include legal precedents, procedural realities and creative legal representation practices involving the growing and dynamic field of complex litigation. Concepts discussed and taught will include acquisition, aggregation, jurisdiction, consolidation, discovery and motion practice, pre-trial resolution and trial. Precedents utilized will include, Pan Am 103, TWA 800, NW Flight 255, the C-130 Accident at Evansville, Indiana, the In Re: Bendectin Products Liability Litigation, and the MH 17 Missile Attack over Donetsk, Ukraine. Procedural points will be discussed within the opinions of Daubert v. Merrill-Dow, Abdullah V. American Airlines, Lexicon v. Milberg-Weise and Sikkelee v. Precision Automotive Corporation. Mr. Skinner was counsel for one or more Plaintiffs in many of these cases and practices law worldwide.

Large Moot Court (129)