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Brown Bag Brief - "Getting Jobs in the Present Economy; Role of In-House Counsel" Mitchell Falber, Esq., ONU '80

Event Date and Time: 
Friday, September 28, 2012 - 12:00am to 1:00pm

Mitchell Falber, Esq., ONU ‘80
New York, NY
Areas of Practice: Employment , Real Estate, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Legal and Commercial Transaction, Litigation and Mediation

Mitchell Falber has served on the Ohio Northern University College of Law Alumni Board of Directors since 2001. 

He is general counsel and a corporate officer of ABC Carpet & Home.  ABC is a privately held affiliation of domestic corporations with over $160 million in annual sales with exclusive stores in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and London, England. It is one of the largest single home furnishing stores in the world. ABC has been awarded the prestigious "Retailer of the Year" award by the National Retail Federation.  It is also listed by the New York Chamber of Commerce in the top 100 sights to see when visiting New York.  It is frequently visited by prominent customers such as Barbara Streisand and Tom Cruise.

Mr. Falber acted as trial assistant to outside counsel in E.R. Carpenter v. ABC Carpet Co., Inc., which resulted in a five-million dollar settlement in ABC’s favor.  It remains the largest counterclaim recoveries in New York City Civil Court history.

In his position as general counsel, he has seen the company grow from 70 employees to over 1,300. Mr. Falber faces a broad range of legal issues in his position.  He has been significantly involved in all matters of corporate governance, corporate strategic planning, legal and commercial transactions and global business affairs.  He is responsible for the negotiation and implementation of a multi-million dollar, cutting-edge flagship computer hardware and software licensing agreement in coordination with Management Information Services.  He is also an active participant in the company E-Commerce. 

He lectures and offers continuing legal education courses on ethics.  His lectures in New York on ethics have been highlighted in The National Law Journal, February, 2005, and The New York Law Journal, January, 2005. 


College of Law Room Number: 129 - Moot Courtroom