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Faculty News

In November, Assistant Professor Lauren Newell will present an updated version of that article in New York at the AALS Section on Dispute Resolution Works-in-Progress Conference, hosted by Cardozo Law School.
Rick Bales preseted a co-authored paper on the enforceability of employment contracted entered into by minors at Whittier. The article will be published next year in Whittier Law Review.
Rick Bales has been invited to participate in the upcoming South Dakota Law Review Symposium on LGBTQ Issues and Law. ONU Law Class of 2014 alum Drew Pugsley and Dean Bales will co-author an article for the symposium, and Drew Pugsley will present the article.
Professor Lauren Newell's article Redefining Attention (and Revamping the Legal Profession?) for the Digital Generation has been accepted for publication in 15:2 (the psychology and lawyering symposium issue) of Nevada L (forthcoming spring 2015).
Professor Jean-Marie Kamatali presented a paper, Time for Action: Making Non-State Actors Accountable for Their Human Rights Violations, at the conference The Social Practice of Human Rights: Changing the Frontiers of Research and Advocacy at the University of Dayton in October.
Professor Scott Gerber presented Law and the Lively Experiment in Colonial Rhode Island as part of the capstone conference celebrating the 350th anniversary of Rhode Island's charter; the article will be published in the British Journal of American Legal Studies. His article Teaching the Legal History You Write About was just published at 53 American Journal of Legal History 410 (2013). His article The Supreme Court and the Uses of History (co-authored with Gordon S. Wood) has been published at 39 Ohio N. U. L. Rev. 435 (2013).
Andrea Schneider (Marquette) wrote an extraordinarily complimentary post over at ADR Prof Blog about Professor Lauren Newell , her scholarship, and her recent scholarly presentation at Cardozo.
Professor Deidre Keller presented Alienation, Over Investment, and Fetish: Narratives of Ownership in Selected Works of Toni Morrison and moderated a panel, Getting to Tenure / Mapping a Scholarly Agenda at the Eighth Annual Lutie Lytle Black Women Law Faculty Writing Workshop.
Professor Deidre Keller's article, "What He Said." The Transformative Potential of the Use of Copyrighted Content in Political Campaigns - or - How a Win for Mitt Romney Might Have Been a Victory for Free Speech, was just published at 16 Vand. J. Ent. & Tech. L. 497 (2014).
On October 10-12, Professor Bruce Frohnen will participate in a Liberty Fund colloquium on the work of Bertrand de Jouvenel.