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Public Interest Program



HISTORY OF THE ONU PUBLIC INTEREST PROGRAM:  The program began in 1994 and each year it has been able to help students to pursue their goals and dreams of becoming public interest attorneys. Law students at Ohio Northern University College of Law continue the history of public service in actively seeking ways to make a difference in our society.

Law Career Services has sponsored the ONU Public Interest Fellowship Program each year since its inception awarding thousands in summer public interest fellowship stipends to students. The Fellows have applied and been chosen by a committee of faculty and administration for their past involvement in Public Interest as well as their desire to continue in Public Interest fields after graduation from law school. Each year students participate in non-profit summer programs assisting those in the community who are most in need: abused women and children, individuals impaired physically and mentally, the elderly, minorities and other underprivileged persons and groups.

The Public Interest Live Auction, Silent Auction and Raffle is supported by alumni, businesses, individuals, students and student organizations along with faculty, staff and administration of the law college and the university. All are invited to participate in the auction by donating and bidding on items. The community is invited to attend. This program has been designed to encourage participation from every individual interested in helping those in need both locally and throughout the country. The auction offers fun, excitement, good food, education incentives for students and support for Public Interest programs across the nation. It also offers the community an opportunity to meet and network with our law students as they help in a very worthy endeavor. Proceeds from the Annual Law Public Interest Auction funds the Public Interest Fellowship Program and the stipends which are awarded annually to ONU law students interested in pursuing a Public Interest career. 

Please call Law Career Services at 419-772- 2249, if you have any questions, or to make sure we have received any e-mail you send us, or when submitting any of the forms above electronically. Students with an interest in a career of public interest employment may be awarded summer stipends for volunteer work during the summer. Since 1994, summer grants have been awarded each year to ONU students who have worked in immigration services, legal services to the poor, public defender offices, farmworker legal services, and as parent advocates in dependency and neglect cases. Money for these stipends is raised at the law school’s annual Public Interest Auction, held in the spring of each year, supplemented by matching donations from alumni and others.