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ONU Law Ranks 9th Among the Nation's Law Schools in Successfully Placing its Graduates in Government and Public Interest Positions

Jul 20, 2013

ONU Law is among the top 10 law schools for job placement in government and public interest positions, according to a report in The National Law Journal.

Ohio Northern was ranked ninth in the nation for schools that sent members of the class of 2012 into either government jobs (such as prosecutors) or public interest jobs (such as public defenders, nonprofit defenders or nonprofit attorneys). ONU had a 22.8 percent placement rate in these categories.

The National Law Journal used jobs data from all 202 law schools approved by the American Bar Association to learn which performed best in a number of categories, including where the jobs are, larger firm jobs and school-funded jobs.

Based on the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) and ABA criteria from 2012, ONU’s College of Law was second in the state for full-time, bar-required job placement for the class of 2012. Overall, 81.4 percent of the 2012 graduates who responded to the University’s survey were employed or enrolled in an LL.M. program within nine months of graduation. The College of Law’s job-placement rate consistently has been above the national average.

Data for these rankings were pulled from the American Bar Association's 2012 employment placement statistics.

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