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ONU Law recognized as one of the ‘Best Law Schools for Practical Training’

Mar 19, 2015

ONU Law received a B+ ranking for “Best Law Schools for Practical Training” in the March edition of The National Jurist magazine, placing them in the top third of the nations law schools.

In its March issue, The National Jurist honors 86 law schools for earning a B grade or higher, as rated by the number of full-time students who participate in simulation courses, externships, clinics or interschool skills competitions.

To come up with the grade, The National Jurist used this data to measure which law schools are delivering when it comes to practical training. As it did last year, The National Jurist looked at the percent of full-time students in clinics, externships and simulation courses. This year, the magazine also looked at student participation in interscholastic skills competitions, such as moot court tournaments.

The magazine again placed the most weight on clinical experience, at 30 percent. Experts say it is a particularly effective practical training tool. Students, under faculty direction, work with clients in a number of legal areas. However, clinics are the most costly for schools to incorporate.

Externships – at 25 percent – were given second highest weight. Students get experience by working in prosecutor officers, government agencies and nonprofits, to name but a few. They get hands-on training from working with attorneys and judges. Simulations accounted for 20 percent. This method seems to be growing more popular as schools seek to promote lawyering skills in classroom settings. It’s effective and less expensive, experts say. School competitions were given a weight of 5 percent.

The National Jurist then asked schools to provide additional information about their unique offerings that are not reflected in these numbers, and this accounted for the final 20 percent of the study. For example, schools requiring pro bono work were awarded points for those efforts.