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Prof. Elena Helmer Publishes Anti-Corruption Article in "The International Lawyer"

Feb 9, 2012

Assistant professor of law Elena Helmer is co-author with Stuart Deming, of a new article, “Non-Governmental Organizations: Anticorruption Compliance Challenges and Risks,” published in the summer issue of The International Lawyer, a quarterly publication of the ABA Section of International Law, 45 Int'l Law. 597 (2011).  

The Helmer-Deming article is based, in significant part, on the results of a survey of international NGOs conducted by Professor Helmer. The article analyzes the problems faced by these organizations operating in the developing countries often rife with corruption, raises the novel issue of the applicability of anticorruption laws to NGOs, argues for the establishment of anticorruption compliance programs at NGOs, and discusses the challenges NGOs face in their anticorruption compliance efforts.

Except for Harvard Law Review, The International Lawyer is the most widely-distributed U.S. international law journal, with over 20,000  subscribers in more than 90 countries.