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Students to Visit Thailand and Cambodia as Part of Law and Culture Class

Jan 10, 2014
Bangkok, near the Temple for the Emerald Buddha


Professor Kevin Hill and ONU Law students in his seminar on Law & Culture in Southeast Asia left January 15th for a ten day trip to Thailand and Cambodia.   The students are scheduled to meet with groups fighting human trafficking in Thailand and Cambodia, observe the election campaign in Thailand, observe the war crimes trial in Cambodia and visit the fabled ruins of Angor Wat.  The students will visit Bangkok, Siem Reap, Battambang and Phnom Penh. The trip is an integrated part of a course examining the long term effects of war on law and society.  A particular focus of the course is on the Cambodian attempts to cope with the effects of the Pol Pot genocide of the nineteen seventies.

This class serves as part of ONU Law's innovative and interactive January term.