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Use of Your Laptop For Examinations

Students may take final exams on computers when permitted by the professor under the following conditions:

1. The student must use his or her own laptop computer. LL.M. students may use the computers in Room 127.

2. The exam must be typed using Exam4 software by Extegrity which has been selected by the College of Law to preserve the integrity of its examinations. A limited license for the software may be purchased and downloaded from the software provider’s web site. Students using the software should print a receipt and give it to Ms. DeAngelis at the front desk of the Dean's office.  Students must purchase and install the software before the examination period begins.  

3. A student whose computer malfunctions or experiences data loss will be expected to hand-write the examination in bluebooks within the time remaining for the exam.

4. If a student encounters a pop-up window during the examination that states the student has performed an illegal operation, the student should exit that window immediately. The student’s failure to do so will be logged by the Exam4 software and will be reported to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

5. Students who plan to use the software should report to the examination room twenty minutes before the scheduled start of the test to assure the software starts properly.  There will be staff available to assist you.