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Bar Exam Success

Our Graduates Find Success on the Bar Exam

The ultimate goal of every law student is to pass the bar exam on the first try. ONU Law is proud of its track record of both first-time  and overall pass success. The exam is given twice per year in July and February. The majority of graduates take the exam in July.

ONU Law has extensive bar prep programs in place to prepare students to pass the bar exam. We were the first law school in the country to integrate a bar prep course for academic credit into its third year curriculum. The course is offered both for students taking the Ohio Bar Exam and those taking the bar exam outside of Ohio. In this course, students are tested on questions previously given on bar exams.

In addition to this course in the spring semester, the faculty present weekly workshops to assist students in bar preparation. Difficult material on bar subjects is reviewed and practice essay and multiple-choice questions are presented.

To view all Ohio Law School Bar Passage results, click here.


ONU Law Bar Results Since 2008

Represents first-time takers

July 2017 First 87%
February 2017 First 88%
July 2016 First 66%
February 2016 First 60%
July 2015 First 67%
February 2015 First 75%
July 2014 First 75%
February 2014 First 80%
July 2013 First           90%
February 2013 First           100%
July 2012 First           91%
February 2012 First           86%
July 2011 First         92%
February 2011 First         88%
July 2010 First         85%
February 2010 First         100%
July 2009 First         78%
February 2009 First         100%
July 2008 First         85%
February 2008 First         100%