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Michael Gionta

Passing on the goodwill to other students is a personal mission for Mike Gionta. A second-year law student, Mike recalls his first year of law school at ONU and how appreciative he was of the upperclassmen who took him under their wings. His appreciation encouraged him to become a peer advisor for the incoming class. He not only helps his classmates with the course material, but also ensures that their transitions to law school are smooth.

Mike’s time at ONU Law is an experience he will never forget.

The people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made are unforgettable. ONU Law helps everyone grow close throughout their experience. From the first day of orientation to now, our entire class has grown very close to one another. We all push and support each other both professionally and academically.

Mike is proud to be part of an academic community that truly cares about the success of its students. His close relationships with his peers, faculty, and even alumni have been driving forces for his future success. After graduation, Mike plans to continue his career as a sports agent and eventually get involved with mergers, acquisitions, and corporate litigation.