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Pre-Law Advisors

A Bit About Who We Are...

ONU Law has prided itself on providing an individualized legal education to our students for more than 130 years.  The mission of our institution is to create practice-ready attorneys, and we accomplish this goal by guaranteeing our students numerous opportunities for skills courses, clinical and externship placements, and individualized instruction from leading scholars.  The small class size and enviable 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio allow our students to graduate with a strong foundation in legal theory, and the tools to become successful practitioners. Additionally, our well-rounded curriculum and emphasis on academic support have allowed our graduates to consistently achieve success on the bar exam.
We are looking for students who will thrive in an experience-driven legal program, and we hope that you can become a partner in our efforts to recruit the most qualified students.  Through this webpage we hope that we can highlight the qualities that create what we call “The ONU Law Difference.” The office of law admissions would welcome the opportunity to speak with you or a representative of your institution about any questions you may have about a specific program or the education we offer our students.  


A.   The Summer Starter Program: High GPA, Low LSAT?

The Summer Starter Program is a unique opportunity for students whose outstanding undergraduate performance indicates probable academic success in graduate school despite disproportionate LSAT scores. This 8 week program, consisting of two first year courses (7 credit hours), provides our students with the one-on-one attention necessary to be successful in law school. From individual weekly meetings with an academic support advisor, to weekly group TA (teaching assistant) sessions, students will learn the needed study skills that will set students apart from those students entering through the fall. Many of our Summer Starter students end up in the top of the class at the end of their first year. This, in addition to hard work, can be credited to the skills and confidence acquired from completing the Summer Starter Program. Once students have completed the program, you are automatically enrolled into the fall entering class. No reapplication required!
Small classes, individual attention, and a greater chance for student participation and class interaction are hallmarks of the Summer Starter program. We believe that students selected for our Summer Starter Program reap the benefits of a “jump-start” in their legal educations and that their potential for success is unlimited. We encourage you to advise your students to take advantage of this opportunity.

B.  Academic Support (Including our Bar prep program)

Professor Nancy Sabol serves as ONU Law’s full-time Director of Academic Support and Associate Professor of Law. In addition to directing the various academic support programs, she is available for individual counseling of the students to assist them with their studying and test-taking skills.

Workshops “Succeed Program”
The Academic Support Director conducts a series of workshops throughout the school year to help students with legal analysis, exam preparation, and exam taking.

 ONU Law’s Succeed Program consists of a series of structured workshops or study groups for each first year course and for upper level courses that cover subjects typically tested on the bar exam. These workshops are open to all students. Each week a review session is held for each section of one of the first year courses. First year students meet with a teaching assistant assigned to the professor who teaches their section of the course. The teaching assistants, students who excelled in that course, work closely with the faculty member in developing problems and exercises for the meetings. The teaching assistants not only help the new students to understand the material, but also help them to adapt to law school learning. The teaching assistants are selected by Professor Sabol in conjunction with the faculty member.
Advising System
Each student is assigned a faculty advisor at the beginning of the first year. The faculty advisor meets with the student at least once per semester throughout the student’s law school career for advice and counseling. In addition, the faculty advisor assists the student in plotting a course of study advantageous to that student’s professional goals and to the particular bar exam the student will take.
ONU Bar Review
In the spring semester, the faculty present weekly workshops to assist third-year students in bar preparation. Difficult material in bar subjects is reviewed and practice essay and multiple-choice questions are presented. Additionally, ONU Law students are encouraged to take Transitions to Legal Practice, a third year course that provides extensive counseling and Bar review for students taking the bar exam in Ohio and throughout the country. Students will be tested on both essay and multiple-choice questions previously asked on the bar exam. Feedback is then provided the following class and individual counseling is available.

C.  Guarenteed Clinical and externship Programs & Skills Courses:

Participating in a clinical or externship program at ONU Law opens the door for opportunities and experiences one would miss out on by simply remaining in the classroom. While we pride ourselves on our ability to teach theory, it is the skills learned in programs like our clinics and externships that set our students apart, both on their resume and in the practice setting. In a competitive legal market, it is important to display confidence and competence during the first day of that new job. It is these opportunities to stand out amongst your peers from other law schools that make participating in clinical and externships programs worth every minute.
Clinical Programs:
  • ONU Legal Clinic
  • Civil Litigation Clinic
  • Corporate Transactional Clinic
  • Bankruptcy Externship
  • Environmental Externship
  • Governmental Externship
  • Non-Profit Litigation Externship
  • Municipal Government Externship
  • Prosecutor Externship
  • Public Defender Externship
  • Judicial Externship
  • Judicial Externship II
We expect our students to obtain 6 credit hours of skills training during their time in law school. Our skills courses are designed to provide students with the professional legal skills needed to practice the law. A vital component of skills training is hands-on practice experience, providing students with the knowledge and expertise for which our graduates and alumni are known.
Skills Courses:
All students are required to take 6 credit hours of skills courses prior to graduation.  To view our entire course list, please visit our Academics webpages.  
How to Prepare for Law School:
ONU Law Admissions provides extensive instructions on the steps your students should be taking as they begin to think about law school, study for the LSAT, and submit their applications.  To view this information, head to our Applying to Law School webpage.  We encourage you to suggest our website as a resource to answer many of their questions about the law school application process.    
The ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar recommend the following core skills and values for attorneys and prospective law students.  Although not mandatory, this list serves as a strong guide for the characteristics that an ideal candidate for law admissions possesses.  
Core Skills and Values: Based on ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar
  • Analytic / Problem Solving Skills
  • Critical Reading
  • Writing Skills
  • Oral Communication / Listening Abilities
  • General Research Skills
  • Task Organization / Management Skills
  • Public Service and Promotion of Justice
The Office of Law admissions coordinates dozens of individual visits to colleges and universities each year.  We would be happy to make a trip to speak with a group of your pre-law students.  Please contact the Office of Law Admissions at 419-772-2211 or if you are interested in schedule a visit.  
Additionally, if you or your students would like to arrange a visit to campus, we can easily schedule a private or group visit that can include one or all of the following events: Q&A with an admissions director, tour of the law college, financial aid presentation, career services presentation, lunch with current students (likely alumni from your institution if applicable), or observe a first year law class.  ONU Law will provide complimentary accommodations at the Inn at ONU if your group wishes to stay overnight.