Allison Kesler

Allison Kesler

Allison Kesler came to Ohio Northern's law program for the summer starter program, giving her the chance to demonstrate her ability to succeed in law school despite having a lower LSAT score. 

Allison is thankful for how the law program gives students the opportunity to make connections while also gaining real-world experience.

“Not only am I acquiring a legal education, but ONU has provided numerous connections with local attorneys and judges. These connections are more than willing to guide us through law school whether it’s helping find/providing internships or answering any and all questions about the legal field,” she says.

Allison has also had the opportunity to see a session of Ohio legislation, witness two Ohio Court of Appeals cases, and meet attorneys and judges across Ohio, creating connections all along the way.

One of Allison’s best experiences so far is being a social media ambassador for the University. She says, “I am always eager and willing to share my love for ONU Law with others, and since social media has become such a large aspect of our everyday lives, this is an incredible opportunity to do just that.” 

On how the law school helps her succeed, she says, “Professors are willing and ready to guide students to success. Most of the professors at ONU maintain an ‘open door policy,’ allowing students to ask any questions or letting us rant and rave about the trials and tribulations of law school. I always feel comfortable going to my professors with any problems I may be having.”