Ashley Doty

Ashley Doty

After 15 years of working as a paralegal, Ashley Doty realized she had a passion to learn even more about law. Having contacts with local attorneys, many of whom know successful colleagues who are ONU alumni, she saw ONU Law as an attractive option for law school.

“ONU Law is filling in the gaps in knowledge I didn’t even know were missing. I had exposure to the legal field before beginning law school, but classes are now helping me to understand why things are done the way they are,” she says.

With only a 30-minute commute to school, Ashley is able to have a full-time class schedule and still have time for family and work. In addition, she values the collective knowledge and support she receives from the ONU Law faculty. “They each have a wealth of information in their area of specialty, so whether it’s a question about a class I am taking or a general legal question, there is always someone to get me the information I need.”

To Ashley, the number one strength of the law program is being informed about what topics will be tested on the bar exam, allowing her to tailor her schedule to fit her desire to take as many bar classes as possible. The faculty keeps the students focused on the ultimate goal of passing the bar exam, while also offering courses outside of those typically on the bar exam to cover subjects that many students may be interested in.

For future law students, Ashley offers this piece of advice: “Take advantage of the information provided to you by the school. Plan ahead, and don’t try to skate by doing the minimum. This isn’t undergrad-land anymore.”