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Success by Association

More than two-thirds of ONU Law’s students come from outside Ohio, and from here, they go on to all 50 U.S. states and around the world. We may be a small school, but we have a big network of loyal alumni who stay engaged long after they graduate. Alumni turn into career resources for our current students, becoming advisors, donors, speakers and recruiters. Come to ONU Law, and you'll understand what it means to be part of a tight-knit family that takes care of its own.

“Ohio Northern’s nationwide network of graduates has been a great resource. Alumni actively seek ONU Law grads for case referrals in different geographic locations or practice areas. We also look to promote our own, hiring ONU students and graduates whenever possible – precisely how I landed my current job in my home state of Wisconsin after being away from 10 years.”

Brian Anderson, JD ’10

Everson, Whitney, Everson & Brehm, S.C.

Green Bay, WI

“The ONU Law faculty is always willing to work with you as a student. They were always there when I needed them. Moreover, they helped introduce me to other alumni in the various fields I wanted to go into. The people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made are unforgettable.”

Michael Gionta, JD ’17

Hockey Division at International Sports Agency

Rochester, NY

“I was drawn to ONU’s sense of community and individualized learning. I met some of my best friends at ONU and regularly keep in touch with faculty. Without a doubt, they are some of my strongest mentors in the field.”

Emily Taposci, JD ’07

Court of Claims Defense, Office of Ohio Attorney General

Columbus, OH

“One of the most helpful components I recall is how ONU Law, through my professors and advisor, really focused on ensuring that I took classes that would show up on my state-specific bar exam.”

Jeff Hiat, JD ’11

Clemens, Walters, Conlon, Runde & Hiatt, LLP

Dubuque, IA

“ONU Law provided me with a quality, proper legal education and legitimate opportunity to success in the practice of law, not just in Ohio or the Midwest, but anywhere.”

John Paul Bratcher, JD ’12

Hahn Loeser Parks LLP

Naples, FL

“Since 2002, we have hired numerous ONU Law students. I have always been impressed with the dedication, hard work, and professionalism that ONU students have brought to public defender work.”

Russell S. Cook, JD ’89

West Virginia Public Defender Services

Huntington, WV