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The ONU law school uses Exam4 as it's exam software.

You have the option of using your laptop to take your law school examinations.  In order to use your laptop, however, you must download the Exam4 software that enables the ONU Law College to assure the integrity of each exam.   Direct your browser to the software vendor’s home page.  Follow the “Law Schools” link on the left.  Choose “O” for Ohio and select “Ohio Northern University – Pettit College of Law.”  Follow the vendor’s instructions for downloading and installing the software.  In particular, make certain you install the version of the Exam4 software suited to your operating system.  The software is available for Mac OS X 10.5-10.8 and Windows 8, 7, and Vista.  The software will not run on Linux or Android based operating systems.

The current license fee for the software is $12.  This license fee entitles you to use the software on every exam you take this Spring and Summer.  You should install the Exam4 software before your first exam.  

Pay for the software using the Paypal button on the vendor's web page. 

Please review the school’s policy statement on the use of laptops for examinations. If you need technical assistance, please consult the Information Technology staff.

FYI - The Deans office requires the I.T. office to provide them with a list of users who have purchased the software thru the Exam4 website - as logged by them thru the registration process.


Exam4 FAQ


  1. How to take a practice exam.




Question # 1 - How to take a practice exam.

I encourage you to take the time to take a practice exam, (there is no limit on how many times you can take a practice exam) to make sure your laptop is ok with the software and that it passes Exam4's "security check". 
To do this: start Exam4 and choose "prepare new exam", next. Enter exam id. 1234 (any 4 digit number will suffice). For course, choose "F12 practice exam", next. Put a check in the box to 'confirm", ok. Change "font size" if you want and choose next. Place a check mark in the "got it" box, next. Exam mode is "closed", check box to "confirm", next. Choose "begin exam". You will see a "network settings" window and then a "security check" window and then you should be in. You can submit electronically or even hit "cancel". Follow the promtps to exit.