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Campus Life

Founded in 1871 and located in West Central Ohio, Ohio Northern University is a private institution of higher education offering a diverse, dynamic and unique learning community. ONU’s 3,600 students study for graduate and undergraduate degrees in five colleges: Arts & Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering, Law, and Pharmacy. Currently, students studying at ONU represent 36 states within the United States and 29 foreign countries.

The ONU College of Law was established in 1885 and is the second oldest law school in the state of Ohio. It has enjoyed a rich and distinguished history. Many outstanding legal scholars have passed through its doors and gone on to serve as lawyers, judges, law teachers, congressmen and senators. The college prides itself on its tight-knit, friendly community and the collegial environment in which teams of scholars, teachers and administrators work together to enhance the students’ education and transition into the profession. The ONU College of Law is a national law school, with about two-thirds of its students coming from outside Ohio.

The ONU Campus

ONU’s scenic, safe and modern campus rests on nearly 342 acres of green space. Students have access to the Freed Center for the Performing Arts, with its regular schedule of concerts, performances, guest lectures, and other events; King Horn Sports Center, which offers a swimming pool, basketball and racquetball courts, a fitness room, a sauna, and many other indoor sports facilities, as well as outdoor football and baseball fields and a running track; the Health Center, a free, walk-in clinic for ONU students open seven days a week; the Counseling Center, which offers psychological counseling and help with personal problems and emotional issues; the Chapel, the center of religious life at ONU offering many opportunities to worship and get involved in fellowships and outreach activities; the Office of Multicultural Affairs, with its numerous student organizations and outreach and educational programs intending to create an inclusive campus environment; and the Communication Skills Center, where students can work one-on-one with professionals to improve written and oral English skills.

Living Arrangements for LLM Students

International LLM students who receive scholarship assistance from the University are required to reside in campus apartments. Two LLM students share a fully furnished, air-conditioned, two-bedroom apartment with a bathroom, living room and fully equipped kitchen. The apartments also includes Internet service, cable television and local telephone service. All of these services, as well as the rest of the utilities, are provided through the University.

The University also provides suggestions regarding off-campus accommodations. Off-campus housing includes mostly unfurnished apartments and requires students to enter into a rental contract with the landlord as well as with utility companies and TV and Internet service providers.

Students may choose to have a University meal plan, which includes meals through all campus dining facilities. Students residing in campus housing receive a $300-per-semester meal plan. There is a local food market and pharmacy within walking distance of campus. Regular trips to out-of-town grocery stores and international food markets are available through arrangements with JD and other students.


Ada, Ohio, is a quaint Midwestern town of about 6,000 residents. Ada is 69 miles from Toledo, Ohio, to the north, 80 miles from Columbus, Ohio, to the southeast, and 15 miles from Lima, Ohio, to the west. With a coffee shop on the corner, a college pizza parlor, and a movie theatre.  Ada captures the spirit of small-town America. The grain elevators and the railroad running through the center of town speak of one dimension; Ohio Northern University, with its five colleges and new facilities, makes a strong statement about another aspect of the American heartland.  Please visit Your Guide to Ada for more information.