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LL.M. Application

Applicants must complete and sign this form and submit, with all the required documents, to Ohio Northern University College of Law. This application must be completed in English. Please see for a list and description of documents that are required for this program. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to provide the LL.M. office with any changes and/or updates to their current status.

Emergency Contacts
If Yes, complete the following
If yes, please indicate the following

Notice to the applicant: ONU LL.M. students typically come to the United States on a J-1 visa. The J-1 visa includes a two-year home country residence requirement. Candidates may not apply for a work visa or U.S. permanent residency at the end of the LL.M. program. Applicants who have had a J-1 visa in the past must have completed the two-year home country residence requirement before the start of the ONU LL.M. Program. As a condition for admission to the ONU LL.M. Program, candidates will be required, upon graduation, to return to their home country to complete two years of public service. The J-1 visa two-year home country residence requirement is included in this public service requirement. No requests for visa extensions, waivers, or transfers will be granted, except in cases when further stay in the United States is necessary to complete the LL.M. program.

List all colleges and universities attended, beginning with the most recent
List former paid and unpaid employment, beginning with the most recent
Attach the following documents with your application:

Ohio Northern University College of Law will indefinitely store all biographical and academic information gathered from each applicant, current student and alum of the LL.M. Program. Following are examples of ways in which this information may be used: 1. Supplied to the Program’s funding organizations; 2. Used by the Program’s Admissions Committee and in any other evaluation of the student, for admission and performance assessment purposes during the Program; 3. Used in the overall evaluation of the Program by Ohio Northern University and/or any funding or governmental agency; 4. Provided to non-commercial, nongovernmental organizations for the purposes of recruitment of prospective students and/or promoting professional development among current students and alumni; 5. Used in the development of an alumni network including the promotion of events and programs; 6. Used in the creation of written or electronic promotional and informational materials. Ohio Northern will not sell applicant, student or alumni information. This privacy statement is binding only on Ohio Northern University; other organizations in the administration of this Program may adhere to other privacy principles.

I understand the requirements and objectives of the ONU LL.M. Program and commit to spending two years in my current position or its equivalent promoting democratic governance and the rule of law. I also understand that this Program is not designed to allow an individual to take a bar exam in the United States. I certify that the statements I have made in this application are true, complete and accurate. I further understand that it is my responsibility to immediately notify the Ohio Northern University College of Law of any changes in status to any part of this application. I also understand that any information that is found to be omitted, false or misleading may be the basis for denial of admission or dismissal from the ONU LL.M. Program.