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Akendita Amoro

As an international student, Akendita Amoro ventured into uncharted territory by choosing ONU Law, but she quickly discovered that it was the right choice for her.

The small class sizes and student-to-teacher ratio have been beneficial to Akendita. Her professors are able to explain concepts and answer questions in an individualized manner. In fact, it’s thanks to this style of teaching that Akendita found her passion – real estate law. The way her professor instructed her in real property law really resonated with her, and she’s since decided she wants to become a commercial real estate lawyer.

In addition, Akendita's life wouldn’t be the same without all the amazing people she’s crossed paths with at ONU.

“My law school friends have become family, so ONU has given me ‘my people’ here,” she says. “I would choose ONU again and again because the legal education is great, the people in Ada are great, and the students here are great. The faculty and staff – not just the professors – everyone is pleasant and nice.”

That said, it wasn’t an easy decision for Akendita to leave her home country to attend ONU. In fact, it was the biggest leap of faith she’s ever taken.

“Moving to Ada for law school has been the most challenging thing I have ever done,” she says. “Every day has been a learning experience because it has pushed me beyond my limits. Every single day shapes my life in a different way. Moving away from my family and everything I know was a huge risk, but the risk was definitely worth it.”