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Alexandra Woods

JD ’18, Real Estate and Compliance Specialist at Blanchard Valley Health System, Findlay, OH 

As a nurse planning to work in medical law, Alexandra Woods brought diverse perspective to ONU Law. Her experiences helped other students realize that they have more options in the legal field than what they may have realized before. “There are so many different avenues that you can take,” she says. “Whether it’s in compliance, the medical field or research, there are so many options outside of what you see in the movies.” Pursuing law as a nurse has been very fulfilling and helped her gain the confidence to follow her passions and explore new things.

Alexandra was able to extern with the director of the legal department in compliance at Blanchard Valley Health System, who is an Ohio Northern alumnus and professor of medical law. The experience helped to solidify her idea of what she wants to do post-graduation. "ONU has gone above and beyond to provide me with the tools to succeed... The working relationship that BVHS and ONU maintain has made my dreams possible. Not everyone can graduate from law school and say they found a job in their dream department right away, but thanks to the advice of ONU's faculty and the opportunities this school has provided me with, I can say that!"

Because she is familiar with the clinical side of patient care as well as the legal side, she is able to view cases from every perspective. She believes in improving the health care system so that patient care is not sacrificed in the frenzy of rules and regulations. “By combining the medical field and law, I want to try to make a difference.”