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Brittney Ciarlo-Reay

JD ’18, Associate Attorney at Tremba, Kinney, Greiner, & Kerr, LLC, PA

Brittney Ciarlo has been heavily influenced by the international programs offered at ONU. She had an incredible experience traveling to Cambodia as part of the Law & Culture in Southeast Asia seminar course. She found it interesting to learn about the country’s law, and feels that it supplemented her education by allowing her to see things, such as a beautiful Cambodian court, that she never would have learned about in the States. She describes the experience as extremely eye-opening to the ways of the rest of the world.

Brittney also had the opportunity to host an Icelandic student as part of the Icelandic Legal Exchange Program. She was excited to learn about the different aspects of law in Iceland. “It provides you this totally different perspective,” she says. “Additionally, we get to reaffirm our knowledge by sharing what we learn with them. All the while, they show us what they learn.”

Though Brittney had a great experience with the international opportunities that ONU Law offers, she plans on pursuing public defense and public interest in her future career. She appreciates ONU’s strong commitment to public interest and all the doors that have opened up for her in that manner.