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Ellie Tierney

For Ellie Tierney, ONU Law has been a great choice for her legal education. Her first year of law school brought several new academic challenges, including getting used to the Socratic method, but finding herself in a supportive environment has made a world of difference. The Socratic method has helped Ellie hone her critical thinking skills while actively applying the law to new fact patterns. “Although it is difficult, the use of the Socratic method helps to ensure that students are on top of their readings and truly understand the material,” she says.

The challenging curriculum and interactive classroom environment at ONU Law is helping to prepare Ellie for a professional career after graduation, and she is grateful for the support of faculty members along the way. “The ONU Law faculty has helped me succeed by pushing me further academically than I’ve ever been pushed before. They offer TA sessions as well as hold open office hours to ensure we are really understanding the material.”

Outside of the classroom, some of Ellie’s favorite ONU Law memories so far include studying in the library with her friends and attending events like the Student Bar Association’s karaoke night in Ada.  She is thankful for the many opportunities Ohio Northern University has offered, such as joining different law clubs and student organizations, participating in the public interest auction, and working closely with Career Services for resume and cover letter materials as she applies for legal internships.

Ellie has several pieces of advice to share with future ONU Law students:

  • Do the readings.
  • Look up words you don’t know.
  • Ask questions.
  • Don’t be afraid to be wrong.
  • Know that your classmates here are your peers, not your competition.