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Erica Bishop

Erica Bishop is happy with the investment she’s made in ONU Law, but she’s also thankful for the investment others at ONU have made in her and her future career.

ONU immediately felt like home to Erica, and from the beginning, she could tell that faculty members were dedicated to helping every student find the most rewarding career to suit his or her personality and interests. Her professors have informed her of job opportunities, made her aware of ONU connections and helped her make important decisions about which career path she should pursue. In addition to teaching her about law, they’ve also taught her about interviewing, working well with others and being open to all kinds of opportunities.

But her professors haven’t just been supportive of her in the classroom; they’ve become some of the best advocates in helping her gear up for her post-graduation life as an attorney. 

“Faculty members become your mentors and really look out for you by letting you know about job opportunities, telling you about the reputation of firms and making sure that you are taking the steps necessary to become successful in your field,” she says. “Having someone advocate for you and look out for you is something that is unique to ONU.”

An added bonus for Erica has been the lifelong friendships she’s established with her classmates. It was one of the reasons she chose ONU – because she felt like it was a place where she could meet close friends while receiving an outstanding education.

“I have found the best friends that I could have asked for,” she says. “We all push each other to work harder, succeed and understand our classes. The only reason I have made it this far in school is that I have a strong support system and we all help each other when we need it.”