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Milica “Mili” Pavlovic

Milica “Mili” Pavlovic is living proof that if you put in the work, take advantage of your resources and follow the steps, success will naturally follow.

Mili chose ONU Law because of the many opportunities it could offer her, including the Summer Starter Program, an eight-week program that helps give first-year law students a head start going into law school. 

“After completing the Summer Starter Program, I knew what to expect from law school. I adapted well, and met faculty and staff, as well as other students,” she says. “In addition, this program helped me realize that ONU Law was the right choice for me.”

Mili has sought out various levels of support throughout her time at ONU Law, all of which have been beneficial. The Succeed Program, a series of structured workshops or study groups that provide support for first-year courses, was a huge help. The weekly review sessions helped her understand class material better and adapt to law-school learning. Her faculty advisor also provided support by helping her choose a career path, set goals and work toward achieving those goals step by step.

In addition, Mili’s success in law school has advanced to a whole new level thanks to small class sizes and the excellent support she’s received from her faculty as a result.

“I am so thankful for the benefit of professors’ expertise and experience, but what means the most is that they not only know your name, but they actually want to get to know you,” she says. “They have a knowledge and passion for the law and want to help you master it.”

Mili’s advice for future ONU Law students is a testament to her own personal experience.

“Just focus on doing what you know you need to do because hard work leads to results,” she says. “You do not have to be the smartest person out there, but if you do what you’re supposed to do and put in your 100 percent, results will follow.”