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Orientation Form

Please read the following information and complete the form below by Wednesday, August 21st. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Law Admissions at 419-772-2211.

News & Photo Release

The Office of Communications and Marketing at Ohio Northern University frequently requests the use of students for photographs, motion pictures, video tapes and/or audio recordings. Please review the following release agreement and complete the consent form below. 

I hereby assign to the University Communications and Marketing Department at Ohio Northern University, all rights in and to any photographs, motion pictures, video tapes, and/or audio recordings taken of me while a student.

I hereby authorize the University Communications and Marketing Department at Ohio Northern University, to reproduce, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute any and all such photographs, pictures, video tapes, and/or audio tapes obtained of me. This contract will adhere to any present contract I have presented to Ohio Northern University. 

I understand and agree that the University Communications and Marketing Department at Ohio Northern University will be held free and clear of any responsibility or claim for personal liability during the time that the photograph, motion picture, video tape, and/or audio recording of me is/was taken. 

Computer account agreement

This agreement, the Computing Ethics Statement, and Web Guidelines which can be found in the student, faculty, and administrative handbooks, set forth the conditions of use for all University computing and network resources which include but are not limited to the computing and network hardware, network interconnections, and all software owned and provided by the University. Please review the following release agreement and complete the consent form below. 

As a user, I understand that:

I am the only person authorized to use the account(s) granted to me by the University.

I am ultimately responsible for all use of the account(s) granted to me.

I am responsible for selecting passwords known only to me and maintaining access controls to prevent access by unauthorized persons.

I will abide by copyright and trademark law in regard to intellectual property.

The computer and network security officer or his designate reserves the right, in order to protect the integrity of the University computing facilities against unauthorized or improper use and to protect users from the effects of unauthorized or improper use, to:

limit or restrict account access with or without prior notice to any user;

inspect, copy, remove, or alter any data, file, or device interfering with service to any other user or University computing and network resource;

periodically check and perform any administrative functions necessary to protect and maintain the integrity and security of the University computing and network resources;

share information where appropriate with other entities being inappropriately accessed from University computing and network resources.

The University is not responsible for loss of data or interference with files resulting from its efforts to maintain acceptable privacy and security of the computer and network systems.

Any attempt to intercept, alter, or misrepresent a user’s identity in network communications or electronic messages will subject the violator to disciplinary or legal action.

Electronic communications should not be considered private or secure. Therefore, the University cannot be held liable for the release of data contained in these communications.  The University further reserves the right to access communications if:

Resolution of a technical problem requires it;

The user has left the University;

The user is irresponsible in his/her use.

Unauthorized or illegitimate use of any University computing and network resource provided to the signer of this agreement shall constitute a violation of University policy and will subject the violator to disciplinary or legal action by the University including the possible dismissal of students or termination of employees.

Student address form & Consent Agreements

Local Address (where we contact you during the academic year)
Permanent Address (summer correspondence, fall term bills)
Parent Address (for announcements and invitations to college events)
Billing Address
News & Photo Release