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What's your motive?

There are as many reasons for becoming a lawyer as there are specialties to pursue. Do you want to speak out against oppression? Develop case law that lives on for decades to come? Become the voice of your generation, trumpeting the social issues that define our day? No matter what your reason is, here you’ll be able to achieve great heights. 

At ONU Law, we have created a unique program where you can develop the skills to make a difference, regardless of where you want to go with your law degree.

Your days here will be filled with incredible opportunities to build experience with working legal professionals. Once you graduate, you’ll find an international network of tight-knit alumni ready to help you advance. From your first day onward, you’ll discover a community that will take the passions you have and help you develop into the lawyer that you want to be.

Evidence of Excellence

  • A "Best Value Law School" - 2016-17 Tuition: $26,940
  • A "top law school" for preparing students to pass the bar exam - The National Jurist, 2015
  • A "top law school" for practical training and experiential learning - The National Jurist, 2015
  • Founded in 1885 - Celebrating more than 130 years of preparing students for legal practice
  • A top school in Ohio for multi-year bar passage and job placement
  • 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio – one of the lowest in the country
  • 45-year track record of providing high-impact, guaranteed clinical placements – almost 20 years before any other law school