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Editorial Board 

Mr. Christopher Calpin
Mr. Mike Vervoort
Mr. Conner Brightwell
Ms. Sarah DuFresne
Mr. Paul Ratcliffe
Mr. Joseph Suszczynski
Mr. Tyler Lane
Ms. Samantha Valent
Ms. Sujuan Johnson

Associate Editors

Ms. Brittany Ciarlo 

Ms. Kelly Claxton 

Ms. Nichole Johnson 

Ms. Emily Kerber 

Mr. Matthew Schreiber 

Mr. Tyler Stevens

Ms. Alexandra Woods 

Not Pictured: Tyler Stevens


Staff Editors

Madison Brinkman

Madeleine Burnette-McGrath

Kayla Campbell

Caitlin DeBruin

Nick Gerschutz

Sydney Kaplan

Jeremy Martin

David Marrano

Veronica Nicholson

Kelly Ranttila

Garrett Robinson

Jarod Rose

Dalton Smith

John Willamowski

Professor Liam O'Melinn 
Faculty Advisor


Cindy Klingler
Administrative Assistant


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