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Faculty News

Professor Howard Fenton spent the first week of July in Pristina, Kosovo training for lawyers from the Office of the President, the Kosovo Judicial Council, and the Kosovo Prosecutors Council on drafting administrative regulations.
On June 2, 2014 Professor Scott Gerber participated in a conference at Brown University about freedom of expression hosted jointly by Brown and Northwestern University School of Law.
Rick Bales' article When a U.S. Domestic Court Can Enjoin a Foreign Court Proceeding, co-authored with Samantha Koeninger, was published at 22 Cardozo J. Int’l & Comparative L. 473 (2014).
Assistant Professor Lauren Newell’s article, Mickey Goes to France: A Case Study of the Euro Disneyland Negotiations, has been accepted for publication by the Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution.
In June, Assistant Professor Lauren Newell presented a work-in-progress, Negotiating Hungry: An Empirical Study of the Effect of Hunger on Negotiation, at the Ohio Legal Scholarship Workshop, hosted by the University of Dayton.
Rick Bales moderated Deans & Directors "Hot topics" Panel, Reinventing Law School Libraries for a Digital Age at the Association of American Law Libraries Annual Conference.
Professor Deidre Keller's article, Petrella v. MGM, published in BNA's daily IP digest quoted her extensively along with professors from NYU, George Washington University, and Howard University.
Professor Deidre Keller presented "Property and Persons: Some Preliminary Thoughts on Inherent Inalienability," at the annual conference of the Association of Law Property and Society at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.
Professor Joanne Brant was quoted twice last week by two different NPR stations -- KCRW-Cleveland on May 15th and WOSU-Columbus on May 19th regarding the distinction in protection between the Constitutional rights of public versus private employees.
Harvard University Press has provided an advanced contract to publish Professor Bruce Frohnen's book, "Constitutional Morality and the Rule of Law: Norms, Structure, and the Problem of Power," written by Bruce Frohnen and George W. Carey, late professor of government at Georgetown University.