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Faculty News

Professor Scott Gerber's article in the American Journal of Legal History was reprinted in Teaching Legal History: Comparative Perspectives (Robert M. Jarvis, ed., 2014).
Professor Bruce Frohnen's review of Richard Epstein's The Classical Liberal Constitution has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming issue of Modern Age. His ebook proposal on the failure of constitutions has been accepted by PennPress.
Professor Scott Gerber's book review of John R. Vile, The Men Who Made the Constitution: Lives of the Delegates to the Constitutional Convention, has been published by the Law and Politics Book Review and was included in Legal History Blog's Sunday book review roundup .
Professor Howard Fenton essay The American LL.M. for Foreign Lawyers: Real Value or More Over-priced Low-utility Legal Education? has been accepted for publication in the spring 2014 international legal education issue of International Law News. He will serve this spring on the Institute of International Education’s Boren Scholarships and Fellowships Review Panel.
Professor Deidré Keller's article, Property and Persons: Some Prelininary Thoughts on Inherent Inalienable has been accepted to be presented at the Association for Law, Property, and Society Annual Meeting.
Professor Scott Gerber's presented on "The Significance of the Bill of Rights in American Jurisprudence" at The League of Women Voters Bill of Rights Forum was featured on the local TV news .
Professor Howard Fenton's essay, The U.S. LLM for Foreign Lawyers: Real Value or Overpriced, Low-Utility Legal Education? was just published at 43 Int'l L. News 9 (Spring 2014).
On April 18th, Professor Scott Gerber presented "Liberal Originalism: The Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Interpretation" as part of the Cleveland State Law Review symposium about " History and the Meaning of the Constitution ; mentions of the symposium were made on Legal History Blog and Originalism Blog .
On April 4th, Professor Jean-Marie Kamatali published an op-ed in the New York Times, "Following Orders in Rwanda. " Professor Kamatalie was then featured on Democracy Now! to discuss his op-ed.
Professor Howard Fenton's panel presentation proposal Choosing an LL.M. Program in the United States has been accepted for the EducationUSA regional forum in Tbilisi, Georgia this coming September.