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Faculty News

Rick Bales published an article co-authored with six other authors, A Comparative Analysis of Labor Outsourcing, has been accepted for publication at 31 Arizona J. Int'l & Comparative L. ___ (forthcoming 2014). The short essay [Law Review] Author Relations was just published at 30 Thomas M. Cooley L. Rev. 237 (2013).
Professor Bruce Frohnen’s article The Problem with Empathy: Constitutional Agnosticism, the Rights of Conscience, and the Quest for Community was just published at 18 Catholic Social Science Rev. 119 (2013). Also, his book review at The Library of Law and Liberty has been linked to by Real Clear Books .
Professor Scott Gerber's article Law and the Lively Experiment in Colonial Rhode Island was mentioned on legal history blog , legal theory blog , and religion clause blog ; and on November 26 he presented Law and Religion in Colonial Connecticut at a UVA Law faculty workshop.
Professor Scott D. Gerber recently published The Fact of Legal Fiction, The Bencher 18 (November/December 2013), and Political Theory and Judicial Activism, 16 Green Bag 459 (2013);
Rick Bales co-authored (with Cornel B. Juniarto & Stefanus Brian Audyanto) chapter on Indonesian labor and employment law was just published in the treatise William L. Keller & Timothy J. Darby, eds., International Labor and Employment Laws (Bloomberg BNA - ABA Section of Labor & Employment Law 2013).
The International Criminal Court cited Professor-Jean Marie Kamatali’s article in the case of the Prosecutor V. Francis Kirimi Muthaura and Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, ICC-01/09-02/11, 7 February 2013
Professor David Pimentel & Assistant Professor Brian Anderson’s article Judicial Independence in Post-Conflict Iraq: Establishing the Rule of Law in an Islamic Constitutional Democracy has been accepted for publication this fall in the George Washington International Law Review.
Professor Deidré Keller’s article " What He Said...": Considering the Transformative Potential of the Use of Copyrighted Content in Political Campaigns was presented at University of Kentucky College of Law in March, and has been accepted for publication in Vanderbilt's Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law. In addition, she presented as a work-in-progress her article Why Intellectual Property Needs Property at the Drake Law's 2013 IP Scholars Roundtable in April. The event was live-blogged .
Reference Librarians and Assistant Professors Andrea Alexander Brian Anderson presented a poster at the American Association of Law Libraries annual meeting's poster session in Seattle, WA, in July 2013.  The poster, titled "Neutrality in Academic Law Libraries: The Law Library as Switzerland," looked at library management and organizational theory, compared with Switzerland's policy of armed neutrality, to guide how academic law libraries interact with students, faculty, and administrators of law colleges and universities.  Separately, Andrea and Brian were recognized in the latest issue of the American Association of Law Libraries magazine Spectrum , for placing third in the association's annual photo contest in the category "the artistry of librarianship."  The photo, taken in the Taggart Law Library's Rare Book Room, shows the merging of old and new technologies, with a rare book situated next to an iPad used for research.
Reference Librarian and Assistant Professor Brian Anderson received a $4,150 grant from the American Association of Law Libraries for a research project titled Determining the Role of Law Libraries in the Republic of Rwanda: A Survey of Users, Uses, and Overall Legal Society .  Brian traveled to Rwanda in June 2013 to tour libraries, including all the law libraries in Rwanda, and to speak with library administrators, users, and others about the role of law libraries and legal information in Rwanda.  He anticipates several future publications based on this research.  Separately, Professor Anderson will present a paper at the Law Via the Internet conference in Jersey (channel island) in September.