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1902 - 1903: Frederick Maglott

Frederick Maglott served as Dean of the Ohio Northern University College of Law from 1902-03.

Maglott was known as one of the “Big Four” who were the proprietors of Ohio Northern (then called Ohio Normal School). He spent 40 years of his life instructing students at ONU, and it was said he had over 70,000 students enrolled in his classes over his teaching period.

During World War I, he devoted himself to YMCA work. He was also a devout Methodist and taught Sunday school classes in the Methodist church in Ada throughout his life.

He was known as one of the best informed teachers of his day, and he had the knowledge to teach a vast array of subjects.

Shortly after Maglott’s death, ONU’s Dr. A. S. Watkins remembered him: “Professor Maglott was characterized by his keen mind, especially his wonderful memory, the range, variety and mass of his knowledge... With all his keen intellect he possessed the humanity of a child... His kindly disposition, which needed no gushing or pretense to pass current, grew upon us as we learned to know the real man by years of association and testing. He was the brother of the humblest and was not abashed in the presence of the greatest. He was all gold and met any test.”