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First Day Assignments

Spring Term

Deidre Keller

As you know, the text for this class is D. Benjamin Barros and Anna P. Hemingway, PROPERTY LAW (2015).

Thursday, February 2: Present Interests: The System of Present Estates in Land     133-145

Tuesday, February 7: Future Interests            145-160

Deidre Keller

The text for this class is Jesse Dukeminier and Robert H. Sitkoff, WILLS, TRUSTS, and ESTATES (9th ed. 2013).


Wednesday, February 1: Introduction; The Power to Transmit Property at Death    1-2; 5-15; 28-41; Appendix at 981-994

Monday, February 6: The Mechanics of Succession  41-62

Bryan Ward

Read pages 31-49 in Criminal Procedure Investigation (Chemerinksy & Levenson)