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First Day Assignments

Summer Term

Bruce Frohnen

Required Textbook

Whaley, Commercial Law (11th ed.). Available at the University Bookstore.

In addition to the casebook, you must have a compilation of commercial statutes which includes the Uniform Commercial Code and the Bankruptcy Code. An acceptable compilation is on sale at the University bookstore.

5/31           Negotiability and Negotiation             Pages 389-441


Deidre Keller

Michael Freeman and Andrew Lewis, LAW AND LITERATURE: CURRENT LEGAL ISSUES (1999) (“L&L”) is on reserve in the Library.

Thursday, June 1: Anthony Julius, Introduction, L&L pp. xi-xxv

James Boyd White, Writing and Reading in Philosophy, Law, and Poetry, L&L pp. 1-20

Tuesday, June 6: Susan Glaspell, A Jury of Her Peers; The Case Against Empathy; The‘Empathy’ Nominee: Is Sotomayor Superior to ‘a white male’ (Moodle); Black Judge Refuses to Recuse Himself in Shooting by White Officer