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First Day Assignments

Fall Term

Lauren Bartlett

Class 1: Interviewing – August 24, 2016

Class 1 Readings:

  • Stephen Ellmann Et Al., Lawyers & Clients (2009), Chapter 2, “Connection Across Difference and Similarity” [COURSEPACK]
  • Victoria Healey-Etten & Shane Sharp, Teaching Undergraduates How to Do an In-Depth Interview: A Teaching Note with 12 Handy Tips, 38 Teaching Sociology157 (Apr. 2010), Appendix [COURSEPACK]

Thomas Cochrane

Textbook: Archibald Cox et al., Labor Law Cases and Materials (15th ed. 2011) and 2013 Statutory Appendix and Case Supplement. Text: 5-7; 14-20; 25-35; 40-92 (Skip "Questions" 59-60) Supp. 139-62 (Skip 142-44; 154-60; and "Problems" 160-61) 25-38 (To save time you may read the Wikipedia entry "National Labor Relations Act" instead.) Skim 115-129 (Be familiar with the structure of entire CBA.) Other Robert Gebelhoff, "Why are unions in the U.S. so weak?" Washington Post (Aug. 1, 2016).  Students should join the Facebook group "Labor Law 1376-01" as soon as possible.

Darrel Davison

Please be prepared to discuss pages 1-41 of Dukeminier & Sitkoff, Wills, Trust, and Estates (9th Edition, 2013)

Scott Gerber

Separation of Federal Powers: Role of Judiciary
8/22: xli-lvii (skim these prefatory pages to get a sense of the U.S. Constitution rather than to memorize the particulars of it); read 1-11 (judicial review)

Scott Gerber

Required Book. Erwin Chemerinsky, Constitutional Law (4th ed. 2013). A short handout packet also will be distributed.  A number of study aids are available on reserve in the law library. None of them are required, the faculty discourages their overuse, but students occasionally find them helpful (Chemerinsky’s hornbook is popular). I have placed on reserve several copies of Forrest McDonald, A Constitutional History of the United States for students who need a refresher on key historical events. I strongly encourage all students to attend the TA sessions.

Reading Assignments

Separation of Federal Powers: Role of Judiciary

8/22:                   xli-lvii (skim these prefatory pages to get a sense of the U.S. Constitution rather than to memorize the particulars of it); read 1-11 (judicial review)

8/24:                   11-33 (methods of constitutional interpretation [illustrated via a famous Second Amendment case])

Erica Goldberg

(1) The full opinion in Zacchini v. Scipps-Howard Broadcasting Company, 

433 U.S. 562 (1977) (available on Westlaw/Lexis).

(2) The Petition for Certiorari Electronic Arts v. Davis (copied here).  They should read the full cert petition and skim the appendix,  in 

Erica Goldberg

Tort Law and Alternatives, Ninth Edition

Pages 1 - 24

Kevin Hill

Texts:  Merritt & Simmons, Learning Evidence, 3rd Edition

            Federal Rules of Evidence (current edition)

Mon., Aug. 22           Text: p. 6- 20 and 32 – 40.


Wed., Aug. 24           Relevance

                                    Text: 55 – 68

                                    FRE 401 & FRE 402

                                    US v. Newsom, 452 F.3d 593 (6th Cir. 2006).

                                    US v. Ford, 761 F.3d 641 (6th Cir. 2014).




Fri., Aug. 26              Text: 69 – 87

                                    Rule 403

                                    State v. Hennis, 372 S.E.2d 523, 323 N.C. 279 (1988).

Kevin Hill

Texts:  Course Packet available in the bookstore

             Federal Rule of Civil Procedure (current edition)


Mon., Aug. 22                    Pennoyer v. Neff, 95 U.S. 714, (1878).

Wed., Aug. 24                    Harris v. Balk

Fri., Aug. 26                        International Shoe Co. v. Washington, 326 US 310 (1945)

Paul Hood

Week 1 - August 22


Chapter 1 – Orientation

Chapter 2 – Gross Income: The Scope of IRC Sec. 61

Chapter 3 – The Exclusion of Gifts and Inheritances

Skim Chapter 4 – Employee Benefits

Chapter 5 – Awards

Chapter 7 – Life Insurance Proceeds and Annuities

Chapter 29 – Professional Responsibility Issues

IRC Secs. 1, 61-64; 74; 101(a), (c), (d) and (g); 102(a)-(c), 107; 119(a); 132; 102(c); 109; 117, 127(a), (b)(1) and (c)(1); 132(a)(4) and (e); and 274(j); Treas. Reg. Secs. 1.61-1, 1.61-2(a)(1); 1.61-2(d)(1); and 1.61-14(a); 1.61-21(a)(1) and (2); 1-74-1; 1.101-1(a)(1), (b)(1); 1.101-4(a)(1)(i), (b)(1) and (c); 1.102-1(a) and (b); 1.102-1(b)(1) and (2); 1.117-6(b), (c)(1)-(4) and (d)(1)-(3)

Optional: Chirelstein and Zelenak, pp. 1-3, 9-49; 65-79

Deidre Keller

The text for this class is D. Benjamin Barros and Anna P. Hemingway, PROPERTY LAW (2015). Unless otherwise noted, the reading for the first week is in this text.

Monday, August 22:  Property Theory (posted on Moodle); xi-xvi and xx (Table of Contents); 1-10. Bring an extra printed copy of your Pierson v. Post case brief to class.

Wednesday, August 24:  10-22

Friday, August 26:  22-36

Melissa Kidder

Tuesday, 8/23 Topic: Putting Law School Into Practice; Introduction to American Legal System


Suzanne E. Rowe, Legal Research, Legal Writing, and Legal Analysis: Putting Law School Into Practice (2015) [article posted on Moodle and available in Cindy Klingler's office 164A]

Rambo & Pflaum Introduction

Sloan Chapter 1

Thursday, 8/25 Topic: Introduction to Reasoning


Rambo & Pflaum Chapter 1

Allison Mittendorf

Your assignment for Tuesday, August 23:

Class topic - Introduction to Legal Research and Writing

Read the article Legal Research, Legal Writing, and Legal Analysis: Putting Law School Into Practice by Suzanne E. Rowe, available on the class Moodle page and at:

Read the introduction in your Legal Writing by Design text by Rambo & Pflaum;

Your assignment for Thursday, August 25:

Class topic - Legal Reasoning

Read Rambo & Pflaum chapter 1;

Read chapter 2 in your Researching the Law text by Amy E. Sloan;

Lauren Newell

Think about what you already know about negotiation, negotiation tactics, and what makes someone an effective negotiator.  Make a brief list of your thoughts and be prepared to discuss your list.

Watch an episode (any one) of Pawn Stars or Cajun Pawn Stars on TV on The History Channel or streaming on  Make a brief list of effective negotiation techniques and negotiation pitfalls you see in the show and be prepared to discuss your list. 

Lauren Newell

Read and prepare the following pages in your casebook and Restatement sections in your statutory supplement:
Casebook: Pages 1 - 20

Restatement (Second) of Agency: §§ 1, 13 – 14, 14K, 14O, 16, 30

Restatement (Third) of Agency: §§ 1.01 – 1.04

David Raack

Text     (Problems in Contract Law, Knapp, et al.)
             pp. 1-20, including Problem 1-1 (pp. 4-5).


David Raack

Tuesday  8/23

Text     (The Practice and Policy of Environmental Law, 3rd ed. by Ruhl, et al.) pp. 1-25

Wednesday  8/24

pp. 25-35, 39-51



Steve Veltri

Please be prepared to discuss pages 482 to 504 of Dukeminier, Krier, Alexander & Schill, Property (8th ed. 2014).

Steve Veltri

Please be prepared to discuss United States v. Barnard, 72 F. Supp. 531 (W.D.Tenn. 1947).  Study section 2-403 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Bryan Ward

Professor Ward, Torts, First Day Assignment

Prosser, Wade and Schwartz Torts, Cases and Materials, 13th Edition

Pages 17 - 42