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First Day Assignments

Spring Term


Welcome to Advanced Legal Research!

If you are enrolled, please plan to attend our first class on Thursday, Feb. 1.

There are currently 4 people on the waitlist. If you are considering adding this class, please be sure you are on the waitlist and plan to attend the first class. The Feb. 1 class is an overview and should be useful to you even if you do not end up taking the course.

There is no assignment for the first class. There is no textbook for the course. The class list will be finalized on Feb. 1.

Please check your mailbox before the first class for additional information.

Lauren Bartlett

Reading assignment:  Chapters 1 - 4, pages 3 - 32.

Joanne Brant

Monday:  1/29
Casebook, pp. 600-30
Tuesday: 1/30
Casebook, pp. 711-19; 724-40
Thursday: 2/1
Casebook, pp. 740-58

Joanne Brant

Monday, 1/29
Casebook, pp. 19-43
Tuesday, 1/30
Casebook, pp. 44-68
Thursday, 2/1
Casebook, pp. 68-81 (plus handouts, which will be on Moodle shortly)

David Raack

Contracts 2

Monday, January 29th:  Parol Evidence Rule.  Prepare text pp. 414-31.

David Raack

Environmental Law

Monday, January 29th:  Read text (Practice and Policy of Envtl. Law 4th ed.) pp. 1-17.