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First Day Assignments

Spring Term

Darrel Davison

February 6:  Please be prepared to discuss pages 96-107, 113-117, 122-129, and 285-328 of Nelson, Whitman, Burkhart, and Freyermuth, Real Estate Transfer, Finance, and Development; Cases and Materials (9th ed., 2015).


Bruce Frohnen

February 2       Introduction to the Legislative Process and Statutory Interpretation   - Pages 2- 27


Scott Gerber

I. Substantive Due Process
2/2: 603-23 (economic)

Scott Gerber


2/2: 1-7 (introduction), 9-16 (basic principle of rightful position)

Scott Gerber

2/6: xxv-xxviii (preface), 1-14 (where do ethics rules come from?), 17-48 (attorney-client
relationship), Alton Logan clip (in class), Rules 1.1, 1.6, 1.13(a)

Melissa Kidder

Thursday, 2/2 Topic: Letter Writing & Ethics
Reading: Review Letter Examples on Moodle
Read Articles on Writing Client Advice Letters on Moodle [Maureen B. Collins, Dear Sir or Madam: The Lost Art of Letter Writing & Writing Client Advice Letters]
Rambo & Pflaum pp. 447-453

Lauren Newell

Wednesday, February 1:

We will continue to use Ragazzo & Fendler's Closely Held Business Organizations (2012) and the 2014 statutory supplement thereto.

Casebook:  448-475

Statutes:  Model Business Corporation Act (MBCA): §§ 8.30 - 8.31, 8.42

ALI Principles of Corporate Governance (ALI): § 4.01

Friday, February 3:

Casebook:  475 - 507

Statutes: Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL): § 141(e)

Note:  Friday's class will be two hours (1:30-3:30 p.m.) to make up a class that will be cancelled in April.  Per the course syllabus, attendance will not be taken during the make-up portion only.


Lauren Newell

We will use Choi & Pritchard's Securities Regulation:  Cases and Analysis  (4th ed.) and the 2016 statutory supplement thereto.

Wednesday, February 1:

Casebook:  1-33

*Friday, February 3:

Casebook:  33-57

Statute book:  Exchange Act Rules 10b-5, 12b-20

Note:  There will be a make-up class on Friday, February 3, from 9:15 to 10:45 a.m. in room 124 to make up a class that will be cancelled in April.  Per the course syllabus, attendance will not be taken at the make-up class.

David Raack

Prepare Text pp. 439-53, UCC sec. 1-303 (in Supplement), and Prob. 5-2 (text p. 455).


David Raack

Prepare Handout readings (through "New Monuments..."), Textbook pp. 1-10, 18-22, and Handout case Kelsey, Cascadia, et al v. USA. The Handout materials will be available on the table near Prof. Brant's office on Tuesday afternoon.