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First Day Assignments

Summer Term

Deidre Keller

Law & Literature

Michael Freeman and Andrew Lewis, LAW AND LITERATURE: CURRENT LEGAL ISSUES (1999) (“L&L”) is on reserve in the Library.

Tuesday, May 29:     

Anthony Julius, Introduction, L&L pp. xi-xxv

James Boyd White, Writing and Reading in Philosophy, Law, and Poetry, L&L pp. 1-20

***Be prepared to have a preliminary conversation about your topic***

Check Moodle for resources to begin thinking through potential topics.

Thursday, May 31:   CLASS CANCELLED; Rescheduled class TBD

Tuesday, June 5

Susan Glaspell, A Jury of Her Peers

The Case Against Empathy

The‘Empathy’ Nominee: Is Sotomayor Superior to ‘a white male’ (Moodle)

Thursday, June 7:    

***Topic Statement Due in class***

Herman Melville, Bartleby the Scrivener

The Bartleby Strategy

Steve Veltri

Our casebook is Douglas J. Whaley & Stephen M. McJohn, Commercial Law (11th ed. 2016) (ISBN 978-1-4548-6334-2).  In addition to the casebook, you must have a compilation of commercial statutes no more than four years old that has the Uniform Commercial Code and its comments together with the Bankruptcy Code and Regulation CC of the Federal Reserve Board.  The compilations published by West and Foundation Press are both acceptable. 

For our first class, please read the Preface and the Introduction to the casebook, i.e., pages xxvii and xxviii and pages 1 to 3.  In the Preface, the authors explain the introductory signals they use in their citations to the Code they make in the problems we will take up.  Be mindful of these signals when you prepare your answers to the problems in our first assignment, pages 391 to 405 and 412 to 424 of the casebook.