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ONU Law at a Glance

As an ONU Law student, you are guaranteed an education of value. While our costs remain low, we believe value extends beyond sticker price and is rooted in the outcomes and successes of every one of our students. Our value is found in our curriculum, where true innovation and collaboration intersect. It can be found in our clinical placements, where client interaction and courtroom hours are staples. And it can be found in our academic support, which refuses to leave any student behind. But most of all, our value is defined by our community, which you'll see by simply walking through our halls – professors are mentors, upperclassmen are coaches, and your classmates are your long-term cheerleaders. And best of all, when you graduate, you become a part of something much larger – the dedicated and loyal ONU Law alumni network – which spans all 50 U.S. states and abroad. Simply put, ONU is the best place to launch you into the next phase of your life.


  • Long-term success on both bar exam and job placement
  • Celebrating more than 130 years of preparing students for legal practice - Founded in 1885
  • Lowest private law school tuition in the Midwest
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio, ensuring individualized instruction
  • More than two million dollars in scholarships awarded to all three class years
  • 100+ courses which include skills courses, intensive topic courses, moot court, pro bono and public interest fellowships
  • Private Methodist affiliated academic institution that welcomes students of all backgrounds, faiths and cultures


Ohio Northern University College of Law, founded in 1885, is the second oldest of nine Ohio law schools. ONU Law has been fully accredited by the American Bar Association since 1948 and a member of the Association of American Law Schools since 1965.


ONU Law students can choose from nine specialized tracks, 12 guaranteed clinical and externship placements and more than 100+ course options while also expanding their experience by studying abroad, participating in Law Review, accepting research and teaching assistantships, participating in pro bono programs or taking an active role in Moot Court. ONU Law is regarded for its ability to blend legal theory with practical training that allows every student to hit the ground running on day one.


Recognizing that attorneys are called to be of service to the community, ONU Law encourages all students in this high calling of the profession. Second and third year law students are encouraged to engage in pro bono legal services to the community. Students who complete thirty (30) hours of pro bono work during the fall, spring or summer semester will have a notation on their transcript that they completed pro bono work while in law school. Opportunities for pro bono service include, but are not limited to the following: VITA (Tax Assistance to the Elderly), the Ohio Northern Legal Clinic, Legal Aid Programs, Street Law, and externships with the Office of the Public Defender and Prosecutor.


Visionary Curriculum

ONU Law was recognized as one of the “Most Innovative Law Schools in the Nation” for the addition of our interactive January term required for all first year students.

Faculty Accessibility

Faculty accessibility is at the core of “The ONU Law Difference.” With a 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio, every student is guaranteed a personal legal education with individualized instruction from Orientation through successful completion of the bar exam.

Bar Passage Success

ONU Law has experienced incredible success on the bar exam, oftentimes ranking in the top three in the state for first-time pass rates and securing rates consistently above national averages. ONU Law has extensive bar prep programs in place to prepare students to pass the bar exam. We were one of the first law schools in the country to integrate a bar prep course for academic credit into our third year curriculum. The course is offered both for students taking the Ohio bar exam and those taking the bar exam outside of Ohio.

High-Impact Clinical Placements

ONU Law has been offering clinical and externship placements since the mid-1960’s, nearly 20 years before most universities even considered experiential learning. ONU Law offers 12 guaranteed high-impact clinical placement opportunities across the state of Ohio. Every student has the chance to learn at the elbow of seasoned professionals.

Quality of Life

Our law students experience a quality of life unlike most larger universities. Our size allows for unique collaboration in and out of the classroom and the opportunity to get to know the entire student population. Students also find the extremely low cost of living in Ada to be an added benefit in addition to what is an extremely safe campus and community.

On-Campus Housing

ONU Law is one of the few law schools in the country to offer on-campus housing for law students. We have 48 available on-campus apartments located within walking distance to the College of Law. 

Student Success

Every year ONU Law students and organizations are recognized within the greater University, throughout local communities, and at national competitions. Our Moot Court and Law Review programs are two examples where ONU Law sees annual success.

Recent Alumni Success

Our recent alumni are finding incredible success throughout the country and around the globe. Click here to read personal testimonials from a sample of our recent alumni.

Job Placement Success

We might be a small school, but we pack a mighty punch when it comes to job placement. ONU Law's placement rates have consistently been strong, oftentimes placing above both state and national averages.  81% of the Class of 2017 were employed in bar passage required or JD-advantage positions within nine months of graduation.  

Unique Location

ONU Law’s rural location allows for the unique opportunity to study in a place with fewer distractions, allowing studies to remain top priority. We are the only rural law school of all nine Ohio law schools and are centralized between Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus and Pittsburgh, all within easy driving distance.

Beautiful Campus

ONU Law resides on the larger university campus which spans 342 acres. Consistently awarded the “Tree Campus USA” award by the Arbor Day Foundation, ONU is proud to offer a gorgeous tree-lined, green-focused, campus.


ONU Law’s facilities have undergone significant changes over the last 10 years. Most primary spaces including technology classrooms, both moot courtrooms, our student lounges, and our law library have undergone significant remodeling. We are proud of our technologically-enhanced facility and encourage you to explore our building through a visit to campus.  You can schedule your visit here.