Photo of family studying together.

Welcome to our NEW ABA accredited, fully online, affordable, part-time program.* We are committed to providing a legal education to those who have not been able to attend law school in person, but have the desire and ability to transform their lives through online education.

At ONU Law, we understand the concerns, challenges, and opportunities that come with attending law school.  Many of our students balance competing responsibilities like work, families and attending school. Others may be seeking a career change or live in an area of the country where they can’t attend classes in person. We want to provide an opportunity for those students to take the next steps in their professional life. We believe ONU Law’s fully online JD program solves those challenges and is a great option for the right student. We believe in access to education, and transforming the lives of rural and urban students across the Midwest and United States.

As an online student, you will attend part-time, remotely with no residency requirements. You will have access to all the same opportunities and resources as a full-time student. This includes academic and career counseling, bar prep, and externship opportunities. You’ll also have the opportunity to join our 20+ student organizations including Law Review, Moot Court or Trial Team. We’re at the forefront of legal education, and we’re shaping the future of the legal education landscape through our diverse modality offerings.  

*Some law schools may not accept transfer credits from a distance education J.D. program. Further, participation in a distance education J.D. program may impact your ability to take a bar exam or be admitted to the bar in certain jurisdictions. It is important that applicants consult the applicable character, fitness, and bar admission requirements for each jurisdiction in which they intend to seek bar admission prior to enrolling in a distance education J.D. program.