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Consumer Information (Required ABA Disclosures)

Admissions Data

Available in the Standard 509 Report (PDF)


Tuition, Fees, Living Costs, Refunds and Financial Aid

2019-20 Tuition: $29,260 per year

If a student withdraws from the University, or is suspended for disciplinary reasons, refunds of tuition will be made on the basis shown below. Withdrawal date is the date the student officially submits the withdrawal form, or the date the University determines the student ceased attendance or failed to meet published academic policies, whichever comes first. Students attending Ohio Northern University are entitled to a pro-rata refund calculation through the 60 percent point of the semester. Tuition, room and board charges will be included in the designated refund percentage. Financial aid adjustments will be calculated based upon mandated federal refund calculations. A 100 percent refund is granted on or before the first day of class each semester. After that, the percentage is based on the number of days in attendance for the semester. There is no refund after the first 60 percent of the semester has been completed. Also, keep in mind that students who drop from full-time to less than full-time during the first 60 percent of the semester will have adjustments made to their financial aid and tuition.


The ONU Law Tuition Promise

Learn more about ONU Law's promise to keep a private legal education affordable for all students and families.

Bar Passage Data

Available in the ABA Bar Passage Report (PDF)


Curricular Offerings, Academic Calendar and Academic Requirements

Course descriptions, academic requirements and transfer of credit policies of the College of Law may be found in the current College Catalog. The academic calendar and current class schedules may be found on the Academics Page


Enrollment Data, Including Academic, Transfer and Other Attrition

Available in the Standard 509 Report (PDF)


Employment Outcomes Data

Class of 2019 Employment Summary (PDF)

Class of 2018 Employment Summary (PDF)

Class of 2017 Employment Summary (PDF)

Class of 2016 Employment Summary (PDF)

Class of 2015 Employment Summary (PDF)

Class of 2014 Employment Summary (PDF)

Class of 2013 Employment Summary (PDF)

Class of 2012 Employment Summary (PDF)

Class of 2011 Employment Summary (PDF)