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Academic Support

The Academic Support Program of the College of Law is a multi-faceted system established to help students succeed academically during law school and to successfully pass the bar exam.

Full-time Academic Support Director

Professor Nancy Sabol serves as full-time Director of Academic Support and Associate Professor of Law. In addition to directing the various academic support programs, she is available for individual counseling of the students to assist them with their studying and test-taking skills.


The Academic Support Director conducts a series of workshops throughout the school year to help students with legal analysis, exam preparation, and exam taking.

Succeed Program

The Succeed Program consists of a series of structured workshops or study groups for each first year course and for upper level courses that cover subjects typically tested on most bar exams. These workshops are open to all students. Each week a review session is held for each section of one of the first year courses. First year students meet with a teaching assistant assigned to the professor who teaches their section of the course. The teaching assistants, students who excelled in that course, work closely with the faculty member in developing problems and exercises for the meetings. The teaching assistants not only help the new students to understand the material, but also help them to adapt to law-school learning. The teaching assistants are selected by Professor Sabol in conjunction with the faculty member.

Advising System

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor at the beginning of the first year. The faculty advisor meets with the student at least once per semester throughout the student’s law school career for advice and counseling. In addition, the faculty advisor assists the student in plotting a course of study advantageous to that student’s professional goals and to the particular bar exam the student will take.

ONU Bar Review

ONU Law was the first law school in the country to offer a bar-prep course for academic credit in the third year curriculum. The Director of Academic Support teaches Transition to Legal Practice for both Ohio test-takers and those wishing to take the bar outside of Ohio. This class has been key to the success of our recent bar takers.

Additionally, In the spring semester, the faculty present weekly workshops to assist third-year students in bar preparation. Difficult material in bar subjects is reviewed and practice essay and multiple-choice questions are presented.