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Academic Support

The Academic Support program at ONU Law is a multi-faceted system established to help students succeed academically during law school and to successfully pass the bar exam. From the first day of orientation to graduation and beyond, you’ll have a team of faculty, staff, and current students who have your back. Each new law student is assigned a faculty advisor and a fellow upperclassman peer mentor.

In addition, both the Director and Coordinator of Academic Support are available to work one-on-one with students. Our full-time academic support team is built to provide students with a structured system to help you tackle the academic challenges of law school.

Academic Support Programs

Legal Problem Solving and Analysis

During your first year, you’ll have a thorough review of legal analysis methods as you work on complex problem-solving through simulation and teamwork. The course will also provide an opportunity to network with practicing lawyers and judges. 


The Succeed Program

The Succeed Program consists of structured workshops or study groups for each first-year course and for selected upper-level courses that cover subjects typically tested on bar exams. The course is taught by professors as well as teaching assistants who have excelled in the courses they are instructing.


Advising System

At the beginning of your first year, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who meets with you at least once a semester for advice and counseling. They will help chart your trajectory and shape your education so that you enter the workforce ready to make an impact. 


ONU Bar Review

This program offers third-year students an opportunity to work with faculty covering difficult material on the bar exam, whether you want to take the bar exam in Ohio or elsewhere in the country. Since the bar is constantly evolving, the course is constantly evolving. Every class features practice essay exams and multiple-choice questions from actual bar exams, which provides extensive bar exam preparation. 


Transition to Practice

These courses are offered for both Ohio practice and jurisdictions outside of Ohio. These courses provide practical information for the practice of law and skills-based exercises for bar preparation. 


How do we go the extra mile for students?

The Academic Success programming at ONU is different because we provide actual for-credit course work, not just workshops or voluntary add-ons. These courses have been specifically designed to help our students succeed in each of their three years of law school. We are insistent upon knowing the individual struggles of each of our students so that we can dig deep into assessing how to precisely fine-tune their written legal analysis and writing. We meet each student where they currently are, in a safe and encouraging environment. 

How do we set up our students for lifetimes of success?

Our program is largely successful because of the personal attention we give our students. Every single student enrolled in an Academic Success-oriented course gets a personal meeting with their professor to go over their written product and to discuss anything else that might be relevant. We push our students to improve on their own, yet provide appropriate guidance and oversight to allow them to flourish after law school ends.

How do we make adjustments to our program to fit students’ needs?

We start anew each semester with curriculum planning. More specifically, each fall and spring, we reassess the bar subjects and materials to use for our Transition to Practice course work as well as our pedagogical models and practice exercises for our first year Legal Methods and January-term courses. In short, we never stop trying to improve, and we consistently adjust so that we can, to the best of our ability, make each student practice-ready when they leave ONU.