Christopher Willett

Willett ONU law

For Christopher Willett, the valuable skill sets he’s gained and the relationships he’s built through ONU Law have been well worth the investment.

One of the biggest advantages to attending ONU Law for Christopher is that he is able to simultaneously participate in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corp (AFROTC). After his career in the military, he plans to go into politics. By attending ONU Law, he is fulfilling coursework requirements for the AFROTC while refining his critical-thinking skills through public forums and debate. So, effectively, his time in law school is helping him prepare for not only one career path, but two.

ONU Law has trained Christopher well in adopting the mindset of a legal professional.

“A main strength is that ONU Law gives you a critical way of solving contemporary problems,” he says. “It helps you think like a lawyer in and out of litigation via the Socratic method.”

But it’s not only the skills he’s gained that have been most important to him; it’s the people he’s connected with, too. His professors have helped him succeed by always being available to help him when he needs it, and he’s developed lifelong friendships with many he’s met through ONU Law.

“I’d advise future ONU Law students to get to know their professors and classmates and do this by developing the skill of building relationships now with strangers,” he says. “If you can do this now before law school, it will help you determine whether law school is really what you want to do.”