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Faculty News

Professor Karen Powell just published How Taxis, Peanuts and Assault Rifles Get You A Martini for Dinner: Examining Peanut Quotas and Taxi Medallions in Consideration of Whether A Fifth Amendment Takings Claim Is A Red Herring When Eliminating Alcohol License, 13 DePaul Bus. & Com. L.J. 433 (2015).
Professor Scott Gerber's op-ed, Clarence Thomas, Gay Marriage and the Declaration of Independence was published July 3rd in the Washington Examiner.
Professor Bruce Frohnen's article, Constitution-Reading Through Tocqueville's Eyes was just published at 42 Capital U. L. Rev. 879 (2014).
In April, Professor Deidré Keller presented her article The Copyright Act in the Service of Privacy at the St. John’s IP Colloquium.
Professor Scott Gerber wrote an essay for the Huffington Post Blog abut the UVA sexual assault crisis, arguing that the school should stop treating the incident as an exercise in image control. The article was linked on Instapundit .
Professor Scott Gerber's Huffington Post essay from last year was reprinted in the Akron Journal of Constitutional Law and Policy.
Professor Scott Gerber was quoted in The Atlantic article Clarence Thomas's Unusual Evolution.
Rick Bales was invited to speak and moderate a panel on the Labor Implications of Free Trade Agreements in August in Hanoi at the 2015 LawAsia Employment Law Conference.
In April, Professor Deidré Keller's article Demanding Recognition of Educational Exceptionalism in the Next Great Copyright Act: A Response to Professor Jaszi was published in a special issue of the Duquesne Law Review.
Associate Dean Bryan Ward has published a new blog, The Great Writ The Habeas Corpus and Post-Conviction Review Blog .