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Faculty News

Professor Bruce Frohnen's introduction to a new edition of Edmund Burke's Writings on America will appear with that volume this spring from Cluny Books.  
Professor Scott Gerber has been asked to peer review a submission to the Yale Law Journal.  
Professor Brian Anderson has been invited to present the paper Meaningful Access to Information as a Critical Element of the Rule of Law – How Law Libraries and Public Libraries Can Work Together to Promote Access at the upcoming IFLA World Library and Information Congress in August 2016.
Professor Bruce Frohnen's Waivers, Federalism, and the Rule of Law appears in the current issue of Perspectives on Political Science.
Professor Scott Gerber published “Clarence Thomas,” in American Governance 194 (Stephen L. Schechter et al. eds., Macmillan, 2016)
Richard Bales has been invited to moderate a panel on Laws on the Books v. Laws on the Ground: Minimum Employment Standards and Concerted Activity in Southeast Asia, at the ABA Section on International Labor & Employment Law Conference this May in Hong Kong.
Professor Jean-Marie Kamatali spent the early part of December in Kinshasa, DRC, giving a training on the prevention of genocide and other crimes against humanity.
Professor Karen Powell will be speaking in early December on Intangibles in Property Tax Valuation of Multi-Jurisdictional Corporations to the Montana Taxpayers Association at its annual meeting. She’ll speak on the same topic to the Montana Legislature's Revenue and Transportation Interim Committee -- a committee of state legislators.
Lauren Bartlett will speak in May 2016 at the AALS Clinical Conference on Connecting Clinics, Clients and Communities in Rural America.”
Professor Nancy Sabol's article, Stigmatized by the Bar: An Analysis of Recent Changes to the Mental Health Questions on the Character and Fitness Questionnaire was published in December at 4 The Mental Health Law & Policy Journal 1 (2015) -- the lead article in a peer-reviewed journal.