Helix bar prep a game changer

Ohio Northern University’s Pettit College of Law is making bar prep more accessible to third-year law students by partnering with nonprofit AccessLex Institute to offer Helix Bar Review. “There are many other bar prep programs available to students to help prepare them for the bar exam, but we believe the instructional approach taken by Helix is the best approach for our students,” says Kelly Stevens, Assistant Director of Bar Success, ONU Law. 

Law school is hard and many of our students are balancing school, work and family obligations. By starting bar prep in their third year, well before they graduate law school, students have ample time to successfully complete the entire course, on a schedule that works for them, explains Stevens. 

Helix Bar Review’s online learning platform uses active learning methods based upon the most up-to-date learning science. This integrated approach is broken up into digestible chunks of information rather than long lectures that cover entire topic areas. 

“This is a game changer,” says Dean Charles Rose, ONU Law. “Helix has a proven track record and we want to provide our students with all the tools they need to pass the bar exam and be successful,” says Rose. 

On the July 2023 UBE, 93% of students who completed 85% of their Helix Bar Review course passed the bar exam on their first try. 

“This groundbreaking program aligns well with our ‘Tell, Show, Do’ philosophy and will give our students a distinct edge in preparing for the bar exam while reducing debt at the same time,” says Rose.

“Just because we’re the second oldest law school in Ohio doesn’t mean we can’t learn new tricks,”, says Rose. “It’s because we embrace innovative new techniques that ONU Law has been a leader in legal education for 140 years.”