NO. 1 Trial Advocacy 2024 rankings


ONU Law ranked NO. 1 in Ohio for Trial Advocacy by U.S News and World Report

College also receives high marks for Dispute Resolution

Ohio Northern University’s Pettit College of Law is the NO. 1 law school in Ohio for Trial Advocacy and 31st in the nation in the 2024 U.S. News and World Report rankings. This marks the fourth year in a row that ONU Law has placed in the top 25% in the country for Trial Advocacy.

“True excellence in a trial advocacy program is not necessarily counted in victories, but in systemic success across the program. When you have multiple teams advance beyond preliminary rounds to compete in octo-finals, semifinals and finals, you know you have a program that is teaching skills at an advanced level,” explains Dean Charles Rose, ONU Law.

And for the first time, ONU Law also ranked in the Top 100 for Dispute Resolution coming in at NO. 92.

“Today’s rankings are a good measure that our focus is in the right place and others are taking notice,” says Associate Dean Bryan Ward, ONU Law. “We’re teaching our students the important, practical skills, like arbitration and dispute resolution, necessary to be successful modern-day litigators,” says Ward.

Law schools were evaluated on a number of criteria, including job placement, bar passage rates, faculty resources, achievements of entering students, and opinions of law schools, lawyers, and judges on overall program quality.