classroom 124

A gift from the Dix family

There are many ways to lead in our community, and an important one is by giving support financially for the next generation. ONU Law continues to invest in quality classrooms designed to support our students as they learn the law in a time unlike any other in the recent history of higher education. As part of that effort, this summer we created a premier digitally supported class-room in room 124. This incredible update was made possible by the generous gift of Robert C. Dix, JD ‘65, an ONU Law alumnus and member of the Lehr Society. The Dix family’s gift transformed a dated space into one of the best forward-leaning classrooms on campus.

We tore the room down completely, installing new lights, ceiling, flooring and walls. The room was soundproofed, with the chalkboard and pull-down projector screen replaced with two 80-inch screens and a large glass whiteboard. We installed a document camera in the ceiling, as well as a new podium and case for the electronics. The result is a cutting edge 21st century classroom, allowing ONU Law students to participate fully in the joys and tribulations of learning in the digital age.

The Dix family’s gift made this happen, and we are extremely grateful here at ONU for their support. Their commitment to ONU Law is representative of the relationship existing between our alumni and the college, connected throughout our life-times. We are using gifts such as this to transform the College of Law into a premier digital and physical learning space, allowing us to be better prepared as an institution to greet the challenges before us. Generations of ONU Law students will benefit from the thoughtful gift of the Dix family.

Stay tuned for future updates to our facilities, bringing us into the forefront of teaching in the physical and digital spaces occupied by today’s law students.