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Pro Bono

Recognizing that attorneys are called to be of service to the community, the college of law has established the following program to encourage students in this high calling of our profession.

Pro Bono Voluntary Program – Second and Third year law students are encouraged to engage in pro bono legal services to the community. Students who complete thirty (30) hours of pro bono work during the fall, spring or summer semester will have a notation on their transcript that they did pro bono work while in law school. Opportunities for pro bono service include, but are not limited to the following: the Ohio Northern Legal Clinic, Legal Aid Programs, Public Defender and Prosecutor Programs.

To sign up for the pro bono program, fill out the Pro Bono Registration Form.  Get the signatures of the supervising faculty sign it and hand in the form to the front office. For non-listed programs, fill out the form and see the Associate Dean for approval.

On the last day of class for the semester, submit time sheets showing at least 30 hours of service, signed by the supervisor at the placement site. Submit these to the Associate Dean’s secretary in the front office. The registrar will then be directed to make a notation on the student’s transcript, for example, “Pro Bono Service: Legal Aid.” Such a notation will be made for each semester in which 30 hours of pro bono service are completed.


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