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Iceland International Law Exchange Program

Course of Study

Three Ohio Northern law students per year may earn 12 ECTS (9.4 U.S.) credits of International Law Courses in the LLM Program of the University of Iceland. To maintain full-time status (12 credits) a three-credit Ohio Northern independent study course–Iceland International Law Thesis – under the supervision of an ONU faculty member will also be taken. The LLM course offerings vary each year. Descriptions of the current courses may be found on the University of Iceland web site.


Any second or third year ONU law student in good standing.

Selection Process

An application and resume must be submitted to the Associate Dean by January 30 for the subsequent fall semester; by May 1 for the subsequent spring semester. The students will be selected based on a manifested interest in International Law, evidenced by prior coursework (undergraduate or law), prior international work experience or study, membership in the International Law Society, participation in Jessup Moot Court, service as an advisor to LLM students or other similar background. Selection will be made by the Associate Dean and the Director of the LLM program in consultation with the applicants’ faculty advisors.


The selected students will register for OVRC 239 – University of Iceland and for LAW 1800 Iceland International Law Thesis. When grades from the University of Iceland are received, the specific courses will be recorded on the student’s transcript. Ohio Northern students who have taken International Law, course number 1360, may not receive credit for the comparable University of Iceland course, Public International Law. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will serve as the academic advisor of the exchange students.


An exchange student must receive a C or better (conversion will be determined by the Associate Deans of each institution) in order for the credits for course work undertaken in Iceland to transfer. The credits will transfer, but the grades will not.

Tuition and Fees

Ohio Northern students will pay tuition to Ohio Northern for the semester. Icelandic students will pay tuition to University of Iceland. Certain administrative fees may be charged by the host institution in accordance with the exchange agreement between the universities.